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User equipment
  • Are you queer or a sex worker and need free user equipment?

    Chemfriendly Norway distributes snorting straws, salt water for nasal cleansing (for before and after sniffing), syringes for more accurate measurement of GHB/GBL, as well as resorb tablets to maintain fluid balance during intoxication.
  • Slamming equipment:
    Chemfriendly Norway distributes slamming equipment. This contains pumps and needles in different colours, so that these are not shared. In addition, we distribute filters.
  • Pick up Chemfriendly user equipment at Sex&Samfunn!
    If you are under 25 and queer or a sex worker, you can pick up Chemfriendly's user equipment, free of charge at Sex og Samfunn in Oslo!
  • How to get access?
    To get access to user equipment, you can contact Chemfriendly via our Facebook page group or our profile on Gaysir.no. If you live in Oslo, you can either get this out in person, or we can also send it by post.