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Users in the front seat

Chemfriendly Norway is a member organization for queer people and sex workers using drugs, other peers, professionals and other allies. Our goal is to promote the health of queer people and sex workers that use illegal substances. Chemfriendly Norway represents queer people and sex workers who are drug users, and the interests of our target group first and foremost. We are a user organization where users decide our direction on what to talk and write about. The user's experiences are to be weighed the most when creating measures. Sometimes official professional advice may come into conflict with the harm-preventative knowledge that comes from the users' environment. In this case, Chemfriendly is to balance the experience forwarded by the users alongside highlighting official professional advice.

Chemfriendly recognizes that people who use illegal drug substances are capable of taking care of themselves and others, given the correct knowledge and environmental factors.

Professional grounding and an open conversation

Chemfriendly Norway understands the usage of drugs as a complex phenomenon with biological, psychological and social aspects. Preventative work and rehabilitation treatment needs to acknowledge that drug use is a complex phenomenon that requires a holistic approach. This also relates to research, knowledge development and knowledge mediation.

Chemfriendly Norway believes in an open debate where the goal is to reach an as much as possible objective common knowledge base, where critical debate around values, ethics and sharing information is valuable.

All measures and information produced by Chemfriendly is to be professionally quality proofed. In fields where there are no relevant studies or other research, we have to use professional discretion (logical reasoning) and user experience as default, after critical review of pros, cons and risks. Critical discussion surrounding measures and goals are an important part of this.

Chemfriendly Norway is a member led democracy and believes diversity of opinions in and of itself is a resource.

Harm prevention as a principle and working method

Harm prevention is about recognizing risks and giving help based on the individual's premises. Harm prevention is a social and drug political principle and working method and can involve everything from primary prevention to drug enlightenment (education), distribution of user equipment and rehabilitation treatment. Harm preventative measures and treatment must be given based on the individuals own terms and drug policies are to be shaped so that it as much as possible encompasses the individuals autonomy.
Our stance on narcotics, drugs and intake

Chemfriendy Norway has a goal to reduce the harmful consequences of using drugs and work for the accessibility of knowledge based harm-preventative treatment and measures. It is not drug use itself that is bad, but the lack of knowledge on harm prevention and the barriers that keeps people from accessing and using this knowledge. Barriers preventing people from accessing and applying this knowledge is a stigma aimed against people using illegal drugs, the fear of punishment from using illegal drugs, and the consequences of punishment.

Chemfriendly Norway recognizes that using illegal drugs can have the purpose of self-medicating that can contribute to an improved daily function for the individual. Chemfriendly believes that issues connected to drug use should never be solved with punishment, but always with help and support. Own usage of legal or illegal drugs are never to be in and of itself a reason for exclusion from the organization. Should volunteers, activists or others have periods where they have problems with drug use, a possible solution can be to change their tasks within the organization from representing Chemfriendly Norway externally to internal assignments or exemption from assignments for a period. It is also possible to ask for an alternative representative (relief volunteer) that can assume the assignments/tasks if one struggles with completing them due to problematic drug use.

Chemfriendly recognizes that people use drugs because they experience positive consequences from drug use itself. It is important that we can also talk about the positive motivations our users and members have in wanting to get high. It is especially important in processes where the goal is a change of behavior. It is important to understand and recognize the motivation for a given behavior if one wants to adjust, change or remove said behavior.

Chemfriendly shall take care of/support volunteers that struggle with drug addiction according to our articles of association. Our events are to be safe for all, which means that no offering/exchange of illegal drugs are to be offered during/at our functions (according to our contract for volunteers/ethical guidelines).

Chemfriendly Norway works to destigmatize and to talk about illegal drug use. An open conversation contributes to removing barriers towards harm preventative measures.
Community as a resource/to ask for help

Chemfriendly Norway wants to remove the stigma towards asking for help. While independence is valueable, we underline that independent individuals also depend on others, for better or for worse.

Our members, activists and employees with their own user experiences are our most important resource to destigmatize and to ask for help for our users when they require it (peer person support).

Our meeting places and arrangements are to be safe meeting spaces where drug users can openly talk about their illegal drug use and lean on one another, each other's knowledge and other resources.
Sexpositivity and responsibility

Chemfriendly Norway proposes that good health generally supports good sexual health, but also that sex and sexuality is good in itself and does not need to be justified. Our sexuality is a gift to be enjoyed. Different people have different patterns of sexual preferences, and fantasize about different things.

As long as the sex is based on valid consent between consensual-competent people, nobody is to be met with any prejudice for their patterns of sexual interest. Sexual diversity is good in itself, and most people have better lives when they acquire the freedom to express themselves, including sexually.

In meeting others we gain power over each other by what we share of ourselves. This leads to a common responsibility for each other in all meetings. Consent and consensual competence have to be present for all sexual encounters.

Diversity and discrimination

Chemfriendly Norway has a goal to work to bring forward the real diversity of user experiences and for a public debate where all user-voices are forwarded and seen as equally valuable. We aim to make room for both previous drug users and users who are currently using drugs. Chemfriendly respects that different drug users find different solutions to their challenges that work for the individual itself.

Chemfriendly Norway works to promote the health and interests of all queer people and sex workers using illegal drugs. We work to promote the needs of queer women and trans-people and for queers and sex workers belonging to minorities and/or with a multicultural background.