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These guidelines apply to employees, elected officials and volunteers in Chemfriendly Norway.
These guidelines apply to employees, elected officials and volunteers in Chemfriendly Norway.
Employees, elected officials and volunteers of Chemfriendly Norway have to follow these guidelines in all official business of Chemfriendly Norway and where they may represent the organization. This includes business trips, courses and other events in Norway and abroad, and in other situations where we are perceived as a representative of the organization.

We have to be conscious of how we are perceived so that we always represent ourselves in a way that preserves people's trust in Chemfriendly Norway.

Breaching the ethical guidelines can result in the implementation of internal measures.
Particularly serious and/or repeated offenses can result in deprivation of positions,
resignation, or loss of opportunity to represent Chemfriendly.

● ●
Breach of stated ethical guidelines should be reported to our external reporting unit.
➞ Basic Principles

Anyone representing Chemfriendly Norway shall act in line with the organization's purpose as they are stated in the statutes of Chemfriendly Norway and is obliged to have knowledge of said statutes. The chairman of the board is responsible for overseeing that all volunteers receive an introduction to said statues.

➞ Use of alcohol and other drugs

Chemfriendly Norway works to improve the health and living conditions of queers and sexworkers who participate in illegal substance use. We acknowledge that the intake of illegal substances can be due to self-medicating, which can contribute in helping individuals function.

Chemfriendly also thinks that challenges attached to drug use should never be solved with punishment, but always with help and support. One's own use of legal or illegal drugs shall never in itself be a cause for exclusion from the organization.

Should volunteers, activists or others have periods where drug use is a problem, it can, however, mean that they have their duties changed from representing Chemfriendly Norway externally, to internal duties. It is also possible to request a relief-volunteer to replace your duties if intoxication over periods of time prevents you from fulfilling your duties.

One can not represent Chemfriendly Norway in meeting activities, statements in the media or in events hosted by or as a representative of Chemfriendly Norway if one is noticeably intoxicated.

● ●
Chemfriendly’s social events, themed meetings and social arenas are to be safe to participate in for everyone. That means that if one does not want to become intoxicated through use of illegal substances, one should feel safe that one is not offered such substances on Chemfriendly’s events. Nobody should offer illegal substances, or anything that can be perceived as such, to anyone who is present on Chemfriendly’s events. This includes making deals or facilitating invitations for later use of said substances.
➞ Discrimination, harassment and power dynamics

Discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, skin color, religious affiliation, functional variations, ethnic or national origin or other circumstances of one's own person shall not occur. There is a zero tolerance policy for bullying, harassment and violence of any kind in all parts of the organization.

● ●
Volunteers and activists may come across/have access to personal and sensitive information about people reaching out to us. Trust in such a situation is crucial and when it comes to power dynamics where the two parties are not equal. A position of power and other affiliations to Chemfriendly shall not be used to achieve personal gains whether economical, sexual, social or of other nature. This is especially relevant if one is in a superior position/elected duty that can cause a skewed power dynamic in the relationship, or if you manage resources or other perks for distribution.

All sexual advances and relations shall be based on reciprocity and consent.
➞ Duty of confidentiality

Once you sign these ethical guidelines, you confirm that you understand that much of the information you receive through your position/duty or volunteer work in Chemfriendly Norway is of the utmost confidential character. You are obliged to not pass on/share any personal information you get from/about others, and will not use said information to hurt Chemfriendly, volunteers, members, service users or employees. Personal information shall neither be shared with others internally in Chemfriendly Norway without explicit consent from the person of matter. These rules also apply after you quit as a volunteer, elected official, employee or activist in Chemfriendly.

Through participating in Chemfriendly, you can potentially become knowledgeable about instances that are punishable acts according to the law. According to Norwegian law, we can in a few situations be summoned to court and thereby under duty to testify. In these situations we shall strive to protect the trust and confidential information given to us. Nobody however is committing themselves to breaking the law or receiving punishment for breaking confidentiality.
➞ Obligation to prevent and obligation to provide information

In dialogue with users, you as a representative of Chemfriendly are in a position to receive information that relates to potential dangers regarding the lives of others and their wellbeing. For example, if you came received knowledge of a person with care-responsibilities/duties for a child/children, who because of intoxication is no longer fit to care for said child/children in a satisfactory, responsible way or that said child/children might find themselves in environments where they may witness acts of intoxication or sexual acts. Another is a situation where you receive information about someone who drives/operates a vehicle under intoxication. Health personnel in this case are bound by law to provide information (by the obligation to provide information act), but all volunteers in Chemfriendly are bound by duty to put the child/children's best interests or interests of others safety before any other interests.

Everyone has a law-bound duty to prevent certain forms of violence and assault. This duty is described in the Norwegian penal code §196 and goes into action the moment you receive knowledge that the act may occur, or believe that it most likely will occur. You can implement preventative measures by reporting to the police, child protective services (barnevernet) or in other ways seek to prevent the action from happening. The chairman of the board has the responsibility to provide the volunteers in the organization with information on the obligation to prevent harm.